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Show your support for John Friedrich’s 2020 campaign for South Lake Tahoe City Council.

I authorize use of my name as an endorsement.

Why I’m Running

My wife Kim and I have a 9th grade daughter who inspires us every day to do our part to help make our community, country, and world just, sustainable and peaceful. Whatever we do, it needs to be done with the best interests of our kids, grandkids, and future generations in mind.

The new problems we are facing require new ideas and new approaches. For too long, we’ve been divided into camps, us vs. them. I am running for city council to help unite our community around solutions and possibilities to make South Lake Tahoe a healthy place to live and thrive with opportunities for all community members.

A Shared Vision for South Lake Tahoe

My vision for the future of the South Lake Tahoe area is to become a truly sustainable community that provides widespread job and economic benefits to Tahoe community residents and businesses. I envision town hubs thriving with locally-owned businesses, connected by an electric transit system, with far less traffic on our roads. I envision visitors being inspired by what they learn at Tahoe, which they take back home to help improve their own communities.

As your city council member, you have my promise that I will listen to the community, remain open-minded to different points of view, and make thoughtful decisions. It’s about we, not me.